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Travelling Babee´s top tips on travelling with tots

Planning, patience and practice. This is what you need oodles of while travelling with your baby or toddler. When your child inevitably starts a category 1 meltdown and the other travelers around you sigh and look at you like you´re a monster with no control, you need to be prepared.
But don´t worry, travelling with kids can be made much easier, you just need some organization and pre-planning.

Here are some tips and tricks from Travelling Babee which will make your next trip a breeze.

Tip 1: Ask your airline

First step: call your airline or check the website thoroughly to know what to expect. If you´re a new parent, babies must be 7 days old to travel, but it can differ depending on with which airline you fly. Under the age of two, you usually only need to pay the taxes, but it is not certain that there will be a seat for the infant and most airlines ask that your baby sits on your lap for the journey.

5 vital questions to ask your airline:

1. Can we have a seat in the bulkhead row? (You’ll have more space to move, but less room for storage.)
2. If you´re on a long-haul flight, where can baby sleep? Can you reserve a bassinet for the flight ahead of time?
3. Is it possible to pre-board with children?
4. Is there audio or video entertainment available for children during the flight?
5. Can you check in early to take away some of the last-minute rush?

Tip 2: Follow the rhythm

When you book a flight, you could combine the timing with the usual bed or nap time of your little ones so they will be likely to sleep for at least some of the flight.

Tip 3: Savvy hand luggage

Wet wipes, extra clothes and lots of snacks to keep baby calm and clean. The last thing you want on an eight-hour flight is a nappy explosion or a hungry toddler. Take a cuddly toy and an extra one in case they lose it.

Tip 4: Liftoff

Snacks and drinks to suck on during take-off are vital or encourage baby to breast feed. This will help to prevent the painful ear pop on take-off and landing.

Tip 5: Get them excited

Tell your little what is going to happen before the flight to spark their curiosity. Travelling is an adventure, it’s fun! On the flight you can point to the little houses or the clouds.

Tip 6: An entertained child is a happy one

Break your flight down into 15-minute intervals and if your toddler starts to fuss, switch up the activity. Small snacks like raisins and crisps keep little hands busy, then switch it up with a sticker book, colouring game or get them to count the passengers.

Tip 7: Keep it comfortable

The younger the child, the more equipment you need. A baby seat for the car, the stroller, the feeding equipment, the heavy toys, the baby bath…. What if there was a way that you could pick all of this equipment up at your destination, saving the hassle and regulations of airlines, plus hard work of carrying it all on the journey. With Travelling Babee, you can book high quality baby equipment and collect it at your holiday destination.

Last but not least, keep calm. You can do it!

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