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The ESSENTIAL baby travel checklist for flying with young children!

Where do we even begin when planning a trip far away from home? Let´s face it, travelling before having kids still wasn´t easy but now with the little one in your life, planning for a trip might feel even more scary!

We know the struggle but with this handy checklist, travelling can be a fun adventure.  


What to pack in your carry on

Nappies: take one for each hour of transit and then a few extra. Don´t risk a flight delay with limited supplies!

Baby wipes: for wiping bottoms, sticky fingers, food spills…. Wipes are THE essential!

Change of clothes: be honest, how many clothes changes does your child make a day? Two, three, five? Pack some extra clothes, plus a bag to put soiled clothes in to give you complete peace of mind. Never hurts to pack yourself a spare outfit too.

Bottles: if your child is still drinking milk, you are allowed to bring preboiled water and formula through security.

Snacks: there is no such thing as too many snacks! Not only will they keep little tummies happy, but food is a wonderful distraction when the travelling boredom sets in. Pick some healthier snacks like dehydrated fruits, low sugar cereals and granola bars.

A fun pack: the best advice we have heard is to break up your flight into 15-minute intervals and bring enough colouring, stickers, soft toys etc to last the whole journey. If your child is old enough, a tablet packed with their favourite TV shows and some kid safe headphones are the perfect distraction.

Consent letter: get the other parent to write a consent letter if you´re travelling solo. There are plenty of templates that you can find online and download.

Medication: if you or your child is taking medication, be sure to pack this in your hand luggage.

Take something for them to chew or suck: to avoid their ears “popping” on take-off and landing, ensure they have something to suck or drink. For babies, breast feeding them during this time can help or have a milk or water bottle at the ready and for older children, some chewy sweets can really help.


What to pack in checked in luggage

Car seat/pushchair: most airlines will let you check an item or two in for free. But why commit to the hassle of dragging this all to the airport and then trying to fit it into your hire car/taxi? With Travelling Babee, you can book all of this heavy equipment and have it delivered to your hotel or holiday home. Plus, if you wish to try out the latest products before buying them at home, hiring it all is a cost-effective solution! Check out our pushchair and car seat products.

Nappies/swim nappies: as many as you need each day, plus some extra!

Toiletries: think toothbrush, body wash, nappy salve, every little item to keep baby clean and soft! And don´t forget a comfortable child sized bath. Hire the Stokke baby bath here, it´s perfect for newborns up until 4 years old.

Clothes: including a sunhat, swimming clothes and shoes, ensure you have two outfits a day, especially if you cannot wash them at the hotel/holiday home.

Food equipment: depending on the age and stage of your child, you will likely need all the feeding equipment such as cutlery, bowls, bibs and cups. Take the hassle out of packing all of the feeding gear by booking our Easy Eating Bouncing Bundle and make the most of the larger items like a high chair and steriliser.

Baby monitor and batteries: for ultimate peace of mind while baby is sleeping in another room or at the other side of the house, pack your monitor and some spare batteries. If you don´t have the space in your suitcase, you can hire a leading brand from Travelling baby; the Philips Avent Baby Call with camera.

Sunscreen: unless you´re visiting Iceland, this is a NECESSITY.


And last but not least, have fun! Life is an adventure and it´s even better enjoying it with your children.

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