Booking a child friendly holiday is an art, a performance in itself. The location, the accommodation, the flights…no easy feat with a baby or toddler to consider.

A month before you are set to fly, you panic. How will you take a stroller on the aeroplane, what if your ISOfix car seat doesn´t fit the smaller hire car? Will you have to pay twice the cost of the flight to take all of baby´s necessities on board?

And suddenly the romantic trip you planned for your family is gone. You wonder why you even contemplated taking this holiday.

But what if you could hire all the essentials; a high-quality car seat, the stroller, a travel cot, a high chair and pick them up when you arrive at your holiday destination? Taking away all of the hassle, the worry, the concern in a few clicks of a mouse.

Keep your thirst for travel. Keep your sense of adventure. At Travelling Babee, we champion stress-free family holidays because having children shouldn´t sacrifice your hunger to explore and your need to relax.

We hope that lovers of family travel find everything in Travelling Babee that brings them the vacation they have dreamed of.

Keep travelling, keep the adventure, stay busy bees with Travelling Babee.

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Family are on the beach - Travelling Babee

About the founders

They first met 12 years ago, but they met again three years ago.
She travelled around Spain from Buenos Aires, he called Spain his home.
She says that in her first meeting she fell in love completely, he says that she could not resist and came back to Spain to look for him.
Nobody knows who is right, but the truth is that something had awakened and remained, an invisible bond that neither knew what would bring them.
And a decade later, that bond brought them together. It was travelling, again she was in Spain and he was in his town. An unexpected meeting, but timely.
A surprise trip to Portugal, a starry autumn sky, the sea in the background and that look that says it all without saying a word.
Time did not play in favour and she had to return to Buenos Aires. But a new journey found them celebrating the New Year and deciding that this life was still somewhere in this world…. together.
He won the bet and she moved in with him. The offer was tempting. Love, the beach, and the sun on the Costa del Sol.

But neither knew how many more flights would be ahead. A short time later they decided to let themselves be carried away by a dream, with a little luggage, but full of joy, they travelled six months through Asia. They added many good people to their hearts and contemplated places they will never forget.
But the magic was coming to an end and before they knew it, they were back in Spain but he and she, would never be alone again.
A trip that started two, ended three. A new family in the sun on the Costa del Sol.
And that is what Travelling Babee is about…a story of love, family and travel. On how flights have led us to happiness, can continue to be done together as a family, and more simply. For us and for every Travelling Babee customer.